Bioking is dedicated to animal healthcare management and meat quality improvement.
The launch of HerbPork heralds a new era for the animal husbandry.
Bioking Technology Co., Ltd.
HerbPork - The first Taiwanese meat products brand name supported by international dissertation

As a professional herbal biotech research and development company, our main research focus is on Chinese herbal medicine products and technologies that enhance immunity, delay aging, and provide liver treatment. In 1996, we developed the "Herb-Porch Health Tech." platform, dedicated to animal health management and meat quality improvement. We have successfully created multiple brand series of meat products, such as HerbPork, HerbChicken, and HerbChicken eggs. These products are highly popular and sold through various channels including major department stores, organic shops, restaurants, and supermarkets in Taiwan.

Mu-Hsin Herb Forest
Group R&D Center

Mu-Hsin Herb Forest, located in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, covering an area of 12 hectares, derives its name from the founder's deep affection for his wife. It also symbolizes the founder's commitment to local care and community engagement. The farm cultivates various medicinal herbs, serving as a robust foundation for the biotechnology research and development of the Bioking Group. In addition to being a primary source of feed for herb-fed pigs and herb-fed chickens, it serves as a diverse research base for the development, production, and leisure activities centered around herbs and traditional Chinese medicinal plants. Through professional research and experimentation, the farm elevates the industry's technology to new heights.

Pig Farms
The best husbandry environment

Bioking insists on "raising the best pigs in the best environment." HerbPork is the domestically recognized premium meat with the most comprehensive identity certification. Our farms have also obtained Traceable Agricultural Product(TAP) certification from the Council of Agriculture.

Our farms are equipped with modern and eco-friendly livestock houses, and filtration equipment for water supply. We care about animal welfare, and we believe that only the best living environment can raise healthy and vibrant HerbPork.

In order to provide the highest quality HerbPork-related products, meticulous attention to every detail has always been our unwavering commitment.

Highest standard of food safety with international certifications

Both HerbPork and HerbChicken factories comply with national excellent food safety standards such as ISO 22000 and HACCP. They adhere to humane slaughtering methods to ensure the meat's quality and texture is not affected by stress. The production process is rigorously implemented with environmental cleanliness and product safety testing. Each production stage undergoes thorough inspections, and the entire process is controlled, including low-temperature production and transportation, to maintain the freshness and tenderness of the meat. This commitment aims to provide consumers with delicious and healthy high-quality meat products.