Quality Control
Starting from the feed production stage, we strictly monitor every step of the production process to deliver the finest quality meat to you.
Three Foundations for HerbPork’s Leading Position in the Industry
Ten Guarantees
Bioking R&D center collaborates with professors from three national universities to form a research and development group for the development of the "Herb-Porch Health Tech." animal health management and meat quality improvement technology.
We guarantee no use of sulfonamide drugs.
We guarantee no use of steroids at any point.
Fed and reared by a unique technology researched and developed by a professional team, our meats are uniquely flavored and healthy.
We guarantee that our livestock and poultry are reared to maturity to ensure the tastiness of meats.
We guarantee to apply electrical stunning on healthy animals for meat safety and health.
Research-validated - The unsaturated fat content in HerbPork series meats vastly exceeds that of typical meats.
Research-validated - HerbPork meats contain large quantities of antioxidant substances.
We guarantee no use of growth hormones or ractopamine at any point.
We guarantee no antibiotics and antibacterial agent residues.
We guarantee safe meats with no risk of zoonotic diseases.
HerbPork Production Process
The entire process goes under low temperature to preserve freshness, ensuring that when cooked, meat is still fresh as if it is just freshly produced.