HerbChicken Essence' Made from Free-Ranging Black Feather Taiwan Native Chickens Reared in Natural Pastures.
Applying Ancient Principles and Modern Scientific Research to Extract Chicken Essence from the Entire HerbChickens.
Chicken essence is a highly concentrated chicken product.
Therefore, the chickens used as ingredients in the manufacturing process are crucial.
Ancient Principles · Scientific Craftsmanship · Extracting from the Entire Chicken
A bowl of good chicken essence comes from the healthiest chickens reared for an appropriate period. Blindly pursuing long hours of distillation and chickens reared for the longest time are futile! Bioking Technology Co. takes the most robust approach, devoting extensive period of time to study the most beneficial nutritional content of chicken essence. Efforts are made to develop the healthiest production process that ensures quick and comprehensive absorption by our bodies.
Amino acids can typically be obtained from breaking down meat proteins in our everyday diet. Anserine and carnosine are most abundant in chicken. They can perform good pH buffering and antioxidant functions in the body. Studies have shown that HerbChicken's unique feed technology “Herb-Porch Health Tech” can increase the anserine and carnosine content in meat. We trust that researching the best principles is the only way to provide you with full and comprehensive nutrition!
Unique Feed Technology
Through academic collaboration and applied biotechnology, Bioking Technology incorporates European herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme, as well as special Chinese medicinal herbs into the feed of our livestock and poultry. The ingredients can remove toxins, strengthen immune function, and prevent disease development in livestock and poultry. In addition, they also tenderize coarse muscle fibers, remove the gamy taste, and enhance the meat’s intrinsic sweetness. This technology has been presented numerous times at the International Congress for Meat Science and Technology and has received recognition from scholars and experts in over 150 countries. We call it the “Herb-Porch Health Tech.”